EST3 Multiplexed Fire Alarm System

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EST3 Multiplexed Fire Alarm System

EST3 audio design provides the emergency user with an emergency communication package that minimizes switch selections helping the user make simple, accurate and fast evacuation control announcements. EST3 audio builds from standard modules that fit together easily. Audio components use standard EST3 cabinets and power supplies. A single cabinet with audio requires only one 24 V standby battery. 

Taking full advantage of digital technology, up to eight channels of audio sources transmit over a single twisted pair of wires between nodes. Coupling the inherent reliability and performance of zoned amplifiers with EST3 simplified user interfaces makes audio system design and operation easy and dependable.

Standard Features

  • Eight channels for audio source selection
  • Single twisted pair of audio wires between nodes
  • VU display shows paging output level
  • Ready-to-page LED
  • Digital transmission of audio signals- greater noise immunity- high quality signal transmission
  • On board storage of programmed messages and tones
  • LCD display of fire phone calls

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EST3 Fire and Security Control Platform

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EST3 Fire And Security Control Systems

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EST3 is uniquely designed to meet the life safety needs of any size facility. The function of each panel is can be customized by using an extensive selection of plug and play local rail modules. With support for 64 nodes of up to 250 devices each, this network’s multi-priority peer-to-peer token ring protocol delivers a fast alarm response time across any size network. Add to that the ability to network panels for an overall length in excess of 300,000 ft - that’s nearly 60 miles - and you’ve got virtually unlimited networking options. All EST3 operating features are software controlled using object oriented rules, which when needed, gives the designer great flexibility in integrating fire, security, and access control functions into a single seamless design. 

Fire, Security, Access Control and much more...

No matter what your life safety needs are, GE Security’s EST3 platform is the total life safety solution for you. The EST3’s capabilities and the interplay of its expanded functionality, enables this system to provide a dynamic “synergy” that is unrivaled. EST3 is the perfect life safety platform to integrate fire alarm, security and access control functions. Security and access control functions take full advantage of the survivability and reliability inherent to the EST3. The end result is a truly integrated life safety solution that, by sharing system resources, results in reduced costs. Installing a single system is much more efficient than installing multiple interconnected systems.

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